Catering Options

Available for Corporate Lunches, Work Shouts, Family Gatherings & More!

Why Choose Reload For Catering?


Here at Reload, we provide a large selection catering goodies.  We specialise in corporate lunches, morning tea shouts, family gathering nibbles and more!

We understand that different occasions call for different catering options that's why all of the food choices below are available as mini/finger food or full size for lunch orders. The menu can also be customised to suit your needs, dietary requirements and occasion.

So whether you are hosting a family/friend gathering, doing a work lunch or having a party, we have got you covered!

Catering Options
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Sweet treats

Date scones
Recharge bar
Custard square
Chocolate brownie
Homemade afghans
Raspberry white choc friands
Blueberry cream cheese muffins
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Savory snacks

Club Sammies
Savoury scones
Salmon roulade
Bacon egg quiche
Smoked chicken crepe rolls
Ham cheese kumara scrolls
Pastrami / roast beef sandwiches
Curried kumara & coconut sausage rolls
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